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Harp Renewables.

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Where electrical engineering meets biotechnology.

Founder and company Director, Shane Finnegan established Harp Renewables Ltd. in 2014 to provide a renewable and sustainable solution for the treatment of organic waste.

Since that time, Harp Renewables has emerged as a global leader in thermophilic aerobic digestion, and waste treatment solutions.

Harp Renewables manufactures and sells a range of Harp Bio-Digesters that convert food and other organic waste into a dry, safe, nutrient-rich, bio-fertiliser within a 24 hour period. Thus reducing its weight and volume by up to 75-85%.

CircAg is the Exclusive Australia & New Zealand
Distributor of Harp Renewables
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SoMax Circular Solutions


HTC converts organic waste to sustainable BioProducts

Converting Organic Waste Into Green Solutions

Our technology platform treats waste in an innovative and groundbreaking hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process, eliminating harmful pharmaceuticals, plastics, and toxins from organic waste.
The rapid conversion process yields clean, renewable biofuel, natural fertilizers, and clean water.

CircAg is the Exclusive Australia & New Zealand
Distributor of SoMax Circular Solutions
Somax HTC compost

The CowPots Solution


An Ethical, Sustainable Solution

CowPots are manufactured biodegradable products kind to our planet earth!

CowPot products are renewable and recycled from composted cow manure. Totally sustainable and true alternative to plastic and peat.  CowPots have the capability of customizing the product range to your industry for packaging, surveying hunting and other varying horticultural industries.

CircAg is the Exclusive Australia & New Zealand
Distributor of CowPots Products
Cow-Pots Australia
CircAg Holdings Pty Ltd

CircAg has funded a number of Environmentally Aware projects in Australia and New Zealand

CircAg Holdings Pty Ltd also has exclusive Distribution and Development rights to Harp Renewables, SoMax Circular Solutions, and CowPots for Australia and New Zealand.